CSE Associates, LLC 

Measurement Uncertainty Analysis

We can provide professional measurement uncertainty analysis for measurement systems, ranging from very simple to very complex.

  • Since 1995, Agilent Technologies has used CSE Associates exclusively to specify the measurement uncertainty of the N1891A and 85121A satellite payload test systems (and systems of similar complexity).  These challenges involved:
    • PNA-X, VNA, VSA, PSA, Power Meter, and custom instrumentation used to perform non-standard tests
    • Measurement of frequency translational devices with >100dB gain
    • Simulation of communications payload traffic using multi-tone stimulus.
    • Use of modulation techniques to reduce distortion.
    • Calibration techniques for thermo-vac chamber test environments.
    • Frequencies >40 GHz
    • Measurements: Power, Noise Figure, amplitude and phase response, S-parameters, intermodulation, group delay, gain transfer, compression, others ...
  • We use the same uncertainty techniques as NIST and Agilent Technologies, and include:
    • The effects of mismatch, drift, noise, and receiver uncertainties
    • Definition of measurand, measurement equation, standard and expanded uncertainties
    • The effects of compression.
    • The effects of noise and intermodulation distortion products on all measurements.

  • .These tasks require high levels of understanding of communications and measurement theory at the box and system level.